Florida Medicaid and Estate Planning

Because our goal is to help you succeed in aging with dignity and a high quality of life, both for you and for your loved ones.

Sean W. Scott, Esq. WLAW, PA

Florida Medicaid and Estate Planning - Sean W. Scott Elder Law Attorney Sean W Scott is a Florida Medicaid and Estate Planning expert and help is on the way. Even though a new set of challenges awaits as we grow older there are ways to solve these new problems. Nursing homes assisted living facilities, incapacity and the specter of mortality start showing up in your world.

Since 1990 our focus has been to help our clients avoid the financial ruin of long-term care expenses, make sure that there is a backup person to act if incapacity strikes and to streamline the process of moving assets to beneficiaries after death.

The most significant service we provide is to protect our client’s life savings from nursing home costs by helping qualify for Medicaid benefits. With the average cost of nursing home care in Florida above $10,000 per month, we take action to keep you from being wiped out financially.

A quick look at some of the eligibility issues can be found on the right. You are our number one priority. Please see why we are different.

Even though our main office is in Pinellas County, we help people all over the State of Florida qualify for Medicaid benefits and routinely use video and phone conferencing in place of face-to-face meetings. Here is a link to our locations.

Medicaid Quick-facts

Income Cap Limit 2017

$2,205 gross income per month

Asset Limit - Single Applicant

$2,005 in countable assets

Asset Limit - Married Couple

$122,900 in countable assets

(yes it is a big difference)

You can divert income to applicant spouse to raise community spouse's income.

$2,003 minimum spousal monthly income

Maximum amount to healthy spouse can be increased by diverting applicant spouse's income in the event of high housing costs.

$3,023 maximum income allowed to be diverted

How to calculate the penalty for giving away assets

transfer / 8,662 = number of months disqualified

Transfer Look Back Period

60 months from date of application

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