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Because our goal is to help you succeed in aging with dignity and a high quality of life, both for you and for your loved ones.

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Help is on the way. A new set of challenges awaits as we grow older: Incapacity, the specter of mortality and nursing home care. Our primary focus since 1990 has been to help our clients avoid the financial ruin of long-term care expenses. The average cost of nursing home care in Florida is above $10,000 per month. If the nursing home is part of your reality, you must take action or be wiped out financially.

Medicaid Quick-facts

Income Cap Limit 2017

$2,205 gross income per month

Asset Limit (single applicant)

$2,005 countable assets

Asset Limit - married couple 2017

$122,900 countable assets

(yes it is a big difference)

You can divert income to applicant spouse to raise community spouse's income.

$2,003 minimum spousal monthly income

Maximum amount to healthy spouse can be increased by diverting applicant spouse's income in the event of high housing costs.

$3,023 maximum income allowed to be diverted

Penalty calculation

transfer / 8,662 number of months disqualified

Transfer Look Back Period

60 months from date of application

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